Best Place to Sell Used iPhone for Cash or Sell Broken iPhone for Cash

Do not throw your old iPhone in the trash only because it is broken and you need a new one. A non-functional iPhone, nevertheless, has value. The key is knowing where to sell your iPhone; we have that knowledge from personal experience.

Your iPhone may be sold, to put it briefly. Even if your iPhone has been damaged by water, you should not toss it away. If you can find a suitable buyer, such as a CellCashr store, a broken iPhone may be worth a lot more money.

While you may trade in your old iPhone to your cellular service provider, you will get less money for it than you would via an online CellCashr store. Not only that but discounts like this often do not apply to iPhones that have been severely damaged.

The situation is different for iPhone purchasers who make their purchases online. You may be shocked to discover what damage an online iPhone CellCashr firm would take.

An iPhone still has value to an internet buyer even if the screen is cracked or the touchscreen no longer responds to touch. iPhones that have no more extended power on or make noise are nevertheless worth more money than you would think.

If your iPhone has been damaged by water, do not worry; you may still sell it for Cash to put towards a newer, fancier model.

The following are examples of damage to mobile devices that are acceptable to iPhone buyers:

  • Damaged or broken display
  • Not responding to touchscreen
  • The battery is dead, or it will not turn on.
  • Water or other liquids harm
  • A malfunctioning audio system
  • broken keys, ports, or switches
  • The OS or software is causing problems with the front or back camera.

Which Stores Buy Damaged iPhones?

Who will purchase defective iPhones? In-Store You may receive an estimate and sell your damaged phone online or at a shop near you in the United States. While retailers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy will purchase your damaged iPhone, you may receive a lower price than selling it to them. But CallCashr is the only one who can give you the best price for your damaged or used iPhones at secure location.

Get The Entire Online Market Value Of The Device

Your electrical equipment’s actual worth may be found at CellCashr. Here you can easily compare prices from reputable retailers with thousands of positive Google reviews, come to our secure location, and be paid by several different methods of payment. While most customers want payouts in cash.

Timeliness of Payments:

There is no need to worry about the timely arrival of your funds. The business will give your money on the spot at secure retail location.


Device doesn't power on?

Your device is not eligible for Instant Quote. Please bring to CellCashr location for evaluation and pricing

Device not Unlocked?

Your device is not eligible for Instant Quote. Please bring to CellCashr location for evaluation and pricing

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