Essential Steps to Take Before You Sell Used Phone or Tablet

The typical smartphone will only last you three years. The battery life starts to be an issue after then, and most original equipment manufacturers cease releasing software updates. This is also the time when most individuals decide to update their phone.

If you want to sell your Android phone but do not know where to start, this article will show you the ropes. Read on for a quick guide.

Always have a backup of your data

When getting ready to sell your old Android phone, backing up your data is the first and most critical step. Your WhatsApp conversations, as well as your contacts, messages, call logs, photographs, videos, documents, notes, music, audio recordings, game saves, and progress, might be compromised.

This is a step that should not be rushed; there are too many horror tales of individuals losing vital information—especially WhatsApp conversations—when upgrading to a new phone. If you find yourself in a situation where WhatsApp messages have been lost or erased, do not worry; there are methods to get them back.

We advise holding off on selling your old phone if you have not already upgraded. Instead, you should obtain your new phone first, transfer all of your data to it, ensure that everything was transferred successfully, and then then begin preparing your old phone for sale. Samsung Smart Switch is our favourite data-transfer software, and it is available for any phone brand on the Play Store, not just Samsung.

Delete your account, all associated devices, and the screen lock

After you are done transferring and backing up your data, disable your previous phone’s access to any online services. Included in this category are the many online identities you maintain in third-party programmes, such as Google, Microsoft, WhatsApp, and social networking.

Taking Out Your MicroSD and SIM Card

Do not leave your SIM card in the phone if you do not want the next owner to have access to your information. If you already have a microSD card installed, remove it now and put it in your new phone so you can access the data.

Keep in mind that if you leave the microSD card intact and conduct a factory reset, all data on the card will be erased along with the rest of the phone (possibly as an extra advantage to tempt potential buyers).

Return to the Default Settings

Preparing your phone for sale by doing a factory reset is essential. Doing so will ensure that the new owner of the phone does not have access to any of your personal data since all traces of your use will have been removed from the device’s memory. The elimination of all user-installed data and programmes contributes to the device’s improved performance by freeing up RAM and storage space.

Wipe Out the Whole Device

You need to hard reset your phone in order to deleted all data and settings. In this way, phone settings will turn to defaults and it will be same as new one. Make sure your phone is turned off, the charger and headphones are disconnected, and the back cover is removed before you begin cleaning it.



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