How to Prepare Your Phone or Tablet for Trade In?

How to Prepare Your Phone or Tablet for Trade In?

Trading in your old phone for a new one is a great way to receive some extra cash to cover the expense of upgrading. Because getting your old phone ready to trade in might be a major pain, it’s important to know what to do if you plan on selling or trading it in.

Things To Consider Before Selling Your Old Phone

There are a lot of facts you need to know before you can move on with selecting the finest place to trade in your phone and obtaining a decent price.

Type Of Phone You Have

Although it may seem trivial, it may be rather challenging to recall the precise model of a phone, particularly if you tend to switch smartphones often.

Identify Your Carrier

You should also be aware of who your carrier is. The amount of money you get for your phone may be affected by this.

Obviously, you won’t have to worry about this if your phone is unlocked. In a similar vein, you may request that the carrier from whom you bought your phone unlock it once you have paid off your contract. A higher resale value is possible, and the carrier should do this at no cost to you, so it’s a win-win.

Get To Know the Capacity of Your Phone

We can’t speak for you, but we have a tendency to forget about things like our phone’s capacity. Not receiving an error message due to the phone being full isn’t a big deal, is it? Because any website will ask for it, knowing this data is important if you want to get your phone ready to trade in.

Make An Accurate Assessment of Your Phone’s State

You must remain objective this time, even if it is difficult. Examine your phone thoroughly to determine its condition. Let me give you a few instances.

A phone that is “like new” seems to be in pristine shape, devoid of any blemishes or dents, and appears to have never been used. On top of that, it works flawlessly.

For a phone to be deemed “good,” it will exhibit mild to moderate wear and tear, such as minor scratches. It is in perfect functioning order and is still going strong.

Got Your Phone Ready to Trade In?

Make sure it’s worth the money you’re receiving now that you’ve done the study on trade in phone, trade in tablet and know where you’re heading.

Before you trade in your phone, be sure you complete the following tasks:

  • Hard reset your gadget.
  • Take off the display protector and the case.
  • In order to provide evidence of the device’s condition before trading it in, snap images of it using a separate phone or camera.
  • Thoroughly clean the phone, being careful not to get any cleaning solution into the ports. Do not harm your device at this time.
  • Be cautious to use bubble wrap and firmly place your phone inside the box when packaging it.
  • If you want to be sure the buyer has insurance in case the phone is damaged in transportation, you could look into their shipping conditions.


There are a lot of things you need to do before selling your device for cash, and one of them is to make sure you receive a decent price. It’s a time-consuming task to keep yourself from falling victim to scams. Don’t get worried about value as CellCashr offers you the highest cash for your used phone, tablet or laptop. Sell your used phone for cash at CellCashr now.



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