iPhone 15 Launch Date – What New Features are Added to iPhone 15

Just six months remain before Apple announces the iPhone 15 series, but speculation seems to be at a peak. Several persistent rumours have been floating about this period, including those of a totally new design and a contentious new charging port technology.

iPhone 15 By Apple: The Design

The iPhone 15 is still a way off from being released, but we know for sure that it will transition from Lightning to USB-C as its primary charging port. That is because starting in the fall of 2024, the EU will enforce new regulations mandating the use of the USB-C charging port for all phones sold inside the EU.While Apple may release a new iPhone with a Lightning port after the deadline has passed, doing so would make little financial sense. From a branding perspective, this makes sense with the iPad, MacBook, and the majority of third-party accessories all moving to USB-C.

Hence, it is safe to assume that Apple will replace Lightning with USB-C in all iPhone 15 models. Leaks have shown that the four iPhones will not share the same port capabilities, as we revealed in November. USB 3.2 and Thunderbolt 3 compatibility seems to be exclusive to the Pro variants of the iPhone 15, with the ordinary iPhone 15 supporting just USB 2.0 and providing no performance boost over Lightning. Bah. And the entire idea is becoming contentious right from the bat.

New Apple iPhone 15’s Remarkable Camera

The cameras on the iPhone 15 have not been the subject of any official announcements or leaks as of yet. The most widely circulated theory is that the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a second selfie camera (while the iPhone 14 Pro has three main cameras on the back, the front camera remains a single lens.)

But it is impossible to know what purpose that would serve. Possible upgrades include a more powerful zoom lens or a wider selfie lens (so you will not have to pull your arm out of its socket to include everyone in the shot). It could also enable taking selfies with a shorter depth of focus, highlighting the foreground and setting the backdrop farther apart.

Apple iPhone 15: When to Expect It and at What Cost?

There has been no word on when the iPhone 15 lineup will be available or how much it will cost. Nonetheless, we can estimate the latter’s delivery time frame based on historical precedent.

As an example, Apple released the iPhone 14 on September 7, 2021, followed by the iPhone 14, Plus, and Pro a week and a half later (16 September), then the iPhone 14 Plus a little while after that (7 October). New products from the firm are typically introduced every other Tuesday. We think the most likely dates for the release of the iPhone 15 are September 5, 2023, or September 12, 2023. To change your model of iPhone 14 with the new upcoming model of iPhone 15, visit CellCashr anytime and sell your old model iPhone before switching to iPhone 15.



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