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Would you like to sell a used, broken or locked iPad? Perhaps you are no longer using your device, and would rather cash for your iPad. At CellCashr, we allow a safe and quick way to sell iPad in New York. You can sell iCloud locked iPads, sell broken iPad, sell cracked iPads, or even sell new iPads in NYC. We pay cash for iPad Air, cash for iPad Pro, and cash for iPad Mini!

At CellCashr, we also pay cash for tablets! It is easy to sell your Samsung tablet or android tablet at CellCashr! Android tablets must be in good working order.

How do I Sell Electronics in NYC – Sell Electronics at CellCashr

Have you decided to get cash for your electronics in New York? We pay cold, hard cash for electronics NYC at our store location – cash for iPads, cash for Apple Watch, cash for Laptops, cash for Mac. First, please reset your device and remove any passwords if possible. Next, visit a secure CellCashr office so we can run diagnostics on your device to determine its value. Finally, after agreeing on a payout, we will pay you cash! It is very simple to sell electronics in New York City at CellCashr.

Where can you find us? Sell Electronics in Bronx, New York

CellCashr is located in New York City. To be more specific, CellCashr is located right off Morris Park Ave in the beautiful Bronx, NY. We are open daily so people can sell iPhone, sell iPad, sell laptop, sell tablet, or sell Apple Watch!

Location: 1808 Colden Ave Bronx, NY 10462


Do you have an old Apple Watch or iWatch that you have no use for anymore? Perhaps you no longer wear it and would rather get cash for it? At CellCashr, we will pay cash and make it easy to sell your apple watch in NYC.

In addition to buying Apple Watch, CellCashr also specializes in giving cash for laptops, cash for iPads, and of course – cash for used or broken phones. CellCashr is becoming a quick and effective way to sell electronics in NYC with our safe location in Morris Park, Bronx. You can sell electronics in store. We offer high payouts coupled with transparent pricing, diagnostics, and data erasure.

Cash for Electronics Bronx – Sell Electronics NYC

At CellCashr, we buy electronics for cash in NYC. We ensure each device is tested so maximum value is achieved and shared. We buy some of the following items and more

  • Cash for Brand new iPhones near me
  • Cash for Used iPhones near me
  • Cash for Broken iPhones near me
  • Cash for Blacklisted/Blocked iPhones near me
  • Cash for Financed iPhones near me
  • Cash for iCloud locked iPhones near me
  • Cash for Apple Watch near me
  • Cash for Samsung Galaxy near me
  • Cash for iPad near me
  • Cash for AirPods near me
  • Cash for mac near me
  • Cash for laptop near me
  • Cash for gaming laptop near me

Sell Macbook NYC – Cash for Mac NYC – Sell Gaming Laptop NYC

Do you have an old or broken macbook laptop that you want to sell? At CellCashr, we offer a quick and unique way to sell your old Mac for cash. CellCashr has a secure location in New York, so you can sell your mac locally.

In addition to giving cash for MacBook, we also give cash for windows laptops. For example, we give cash for Dell, cash for HP, cash for Acer, cash for Asus, or cash for gaming laptop in NYC. Exact payout depends on model and specification, so bring it by to sell your laptop in New York.

CellCashr – Sell Electronics For Cash
Website: https://cellcashr.com/
Phone No: 917 456 5964
1808 Colden Ave Bronx, NY 10462