What to do with your Old Phone, Laptop or tablet? Sell Used Gadgets for Cash

Every year, tech giants like Samsung and Apple introduce new versions of their most popular products, and consumers like you purchase millions of them. But what becomes to the outdated technology?

If you have an outdated electronic device and are at a loss as to what to do with it, you may want to think about one of the five options listed below before deciding to store it away in a drawer or bag.

Sell it – Sell Used Electronics For Cash

You may make more money than you think by selling your outdated electronics. Selling your old gadget after purchasing a new one is a logical step to take. You may get rid of that outdated gadget in a number of different ways.

You may sell your mobile handset on websites like CellCashr for maximum cash. Nonetheless, you must guarantee the apparatus is in fine working order.

If you’re looking for customers, you might also try going to local computer marketplaces like Computer Village in Ikeja. Some companies and individuals may market your product or service on your behalf in exchange for a commission.

Trading in

Discounts may often be obtained when you trade in your old gadget or item. Tech giants like Samsung and Apple both offer trade-in programmes that will give you credit towards the purchase of a new gadget if you upgrade from an older model.

Slot is just one example of a startup and smartphone shop that offers swap and trade-in services that can be used to save money on subsequent purchases. The process of trading in is less unpleasant than selling, but you will likely walk away with less money.


If you’re feeling confident, giving away your old tech is a great option for getting rid of it. You may donate it to a local organisation or give it to someone in need.

There are many individuals and places that might benefit from your unused technology, including local schools, students, orphanages, and even troops.

Discarding and Reusing

The rubbish can’t be used as a dumping ground for outdated electronics like phones, TVs, laptops, and DVDs. In addition to valuable metals and chemicals, most electronic devices also include harmful and dangerous substances.

Repurpose It

The last time anything was as amazing as your present tech wasn’t that long ago. Despite its old design and technical specifications, it still has useful applications.

Instead of tossing your old phone into a drawer, consider some of the fun and helpful ways you may simply reuse and adapt it to new roles in your life.


Before disposing of your old smartphone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch, or any other device on which you have a login, ensure you have deleted all of your personal information and data. Maintain the highest possible standard of care for them. A phone with no visible scratches on the screen will be worth much more to a prospective buyer. That’s why it’s important to protect your gadget with a case or one of those specialised bags.

Always hold on to the packaging and extras. Instead of utilising the one that comes with your smartphone, use any other USB power brick and charging cable you have lying around. If the item is in its original packaging and has all of its attachments, it is likely to fetch a higher price.



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