Make Money from Old Gadgets – Sell Used Phone, Laptop or Tablet

Selling your used electronics is a viable option for making some quick cash. Most of us have a variety of unused electronics sitting in a drawer or cabinet, collecting dust. But with the rising cost of everything from groceries to utility bills, now is the ideal moment to stop putting it off, start decluttering, and see how much money you can make by selling those unused stuff.

If you want to earn some extra cash, selling your old devices doesn’t have to be a pain. That nice refund may go towards the cost of your shiny new gadget.

Mobile phones, computers, smart watches, cameras, and video gaming consoles are all examples of gadgets. Here are the steps you take to sell any of these products.

However, it pays to go about and compare prices if you want to get the greatest offer. Some suggestions are provided below.

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Selling to an individual, as opposed to a business, usually yields the most profit. eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, and the Amazon Marketplace are just a few of the numerous options available to you.

Specify the item’s condition in great detail. Take images of the physical product, focusing on close-ups of any parts that could have been worn from use, such as the home button, the trackpad, and the shutter button.

Pay close attention to any vendor, transaction, or shipping expenses that might eat into your ultimate profit.

Indexes for contrasting

You may get a rough estimate of your device’s value by doing a pricing comparison across different models and networks. CellCashr is a nice place get maximum price for your new used or broken phone, laptop or tablet.

Think About Divesting for Parts

There are parts of desktop computers that may have more value on their own than the casing does as a whole. If you know your way around a computer, you may get the most money out of it by selling off parts like the graphics card and motherboard individually.

Don’t waste of your time

There is a healthy secondary market for electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, but not all used goods are as valuable . If the time spent trying to sell the items isn’t worth the money made, think about giving them away or recycling them instead.


The Internet is the greatest place to find buyers for your used electronics. You can easily find out what each firm will pay for your unwanted electronics by using one of the many comparison sites available online. The last step is to package your electronics and send them out. You may also try selling your stuff on sites like Facebook Marketplace or eBay, or you could try selling your old phone to a buddy if it’s still functional.



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